Rincón Colombiana, Aruba

Rincón Colombia is a great little Colombian restaurant located on Main Street in San Nicolaas. You’ll find this place just a block down the street from the World Famous Charlie’s Bar. I’ve been snacking here for years and find the food delicious, economical, and very reliable. One of my favorite dishes is the chuleta colombiana, pictured below.

rincon_chuletaThat’s a breaded and fried pork chop seen above. Very filling, plenty of garlic, fries and rice in case you need the double-starch calories. Then there is the lomito, which you’ve seen before in my other posts but one more look won’t hurt. Here it is.

rincon_lomitoCan’t beat that after a hard day at the foundry. You’ll see plenty of locals, both of Colombian descent and other nationalities eating here every day (closed Sunday). Go early or after the lunch rush. They also serve fruit smoothies and homemade drinks that will perk you right up after a morning at the beach.

Bon dia from Aruba.