Urataka Center, Aruba

Urataka is a sparsely populated area located close to the geographic center of Aruba. Here you will find a good place to stop for pizza and an ice-cold drink. Take a look.

urapizzbPainted those colors, it’s hard to miss. I should also mention that this place hosts a mix of visitors going to and from the Arikok National Park as well as a local people who live in the area. So you’re sure to have a more diverse experience than other places.

urapizzcCouldn’t pass up the chance to photograph the Coca-Cola sign. Anyway, since the sign higher up talks about the best pizza, I decided to give it a try. I ordered the “meat lovers” version and here is what it looked like.

urapizzaThis was the 14″ medium which is more than enough for two people. The crust was excellent by the way and the only thing this pizza needed was a little more sauce. Still, it was very good and I highly recommend it if you’re on the island and need a pizza fix. While waiting for the meal, I checked out the scenery and discovered this sign on the wall:

urapizzdNo one from the club was around at the time of my visit, probably because I was there on Sunday and these are the Terrible Tuesday Riders. There are a number of motorcycle clubs on Aruba these days. Sometimes you’ll see as many as one hundred of them touring around together or parked at a place like this.

Enjoy your visit, don’t eat too much and always enjoy your Coca-Cola ice-cold. Bon dia from Aruba.

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