Italian In Aruba

Aruba hosts more than one million visitors every year. Lately, the Tourism Authority has targeted their marketing efforts in various European cities. As a result, there are charter flights from countries such as Germany, England, and Italy. I’ve noticed a large number of Italians staying at the Holiday Inn and the hotel set up a special help desk with Italian-speaking staff. Take a look at the signs:

italyhi_1Aruba is already known for having several languages and it seems they’ll be adding Italian to the list. There was also a company from Italy hosting a seminar about their products as you can see from the next sign.

italyhi_2I wish I could have ducked into this seminar to see what was happening, but I had other obligations. As you can see from the next sign, Italian visitors are enjoying all the zany fun to be had on this desert island, including the Kookoo Kunuku booze bus ride, the beach, and an evening of quality music at the club Mr. Jazz.

italyhi_3Finally, to steer English-speaking people in the right direction, they post this final sign.

italyhi_4Wherever you’re from, you’ll find plenty of enjoyment here in Aruba. There’s always the beautiful beaches, the warm sun, and the cool Caribbean Sea. Then there are the great restaurants, exciting music venues, and fantastic shopping. And if you’re the adventuresome type, you can head out to the local joints where I like to chat and eat, meet new people and relax. It’s hard to go wrong here.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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