Hot Take-Away

In my quest for ever more cholesterol, I gave Hot Take Away a try. This place is located on the main road that runs to Paradera here in Aruba, DWI. It’s not hard to find as you can see that HOT sign from half a mile away.

hotaUpon arrival, you go inside and pay, at this time Afl. 14.50 (about $8 US). You’ll get a ticket like this:

hotbThen you’re back outside in line where some nice ladies will ladle in the food like this:

hotcThe Sunday BBQ meal includes a small mountain of fried rice, potato salad, several pieces of roast chicken and about half a rack of ribs. Upon arrival at my shack, I launched into that food and forgot to take another photo. If you’ve been out and about all morning and missed breakfast, then the Hot Take-Away Sunday BBQ is a great way to fill up. You can’t beat the price for the volume. Be sure to have the cholesterol limiting pharmaceutical of choice on hand, however. This food is not light.

Bon dia from Aruba.


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