Brasas y Leñas, Aruba, DWI

Brasas y Leñas is an open air joint located on the Paradera Traffic Circle in Aruba, DWI. You can’t miss that sign.

brasasaParking is a little tight, so be mindful of where you leave your vehicle. This place is worth a stop for lunch or dinner. It’s a meat on the grill type of place with cole slaw, potato salad, french fries, rice and other sides available. You can watch the man cooking your food before your very eyes. Check it out.

brasasbThat guy stands over that hot grill all day long. He does a great job, too, constantly brushing on the seasonings and sauces. Sometimes there are stacks of takeout orders that he has to prepare and hungry people are standing by. But he doesn’t surrender to the pressure. He keeps his hands moving, rotating ribs, tossing on more chicken, or slicing up the steak. Let’s take a closer look at some ribs.

brasasdThose racks just hit the iron. In no time they were roasted to perfection, ready for your gnawing pleasure. Here’s a look at the menu so you can think about your selection prior to arrival.

brasascThose prices are in Aruban Florins. If you divide by 1.75 you’ll have the cost in US dollars. The place is a great value when you consider the volume of food. A mixed grill is plenty for two people, maybe three, all for the equivalent of about $17-18. Not bad, my friends. Flavor is good, too. The ribs are more the “dry” style and all the steak is sliced thin. Sauces are provided on the side for you to customize your meal.


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