Club Arias, Aruba

In Savaneta, Aruba, you’ll find a bed and breakfast type of establishment called Club Arias. It’s easy to find. If you’re headed south from the airport, continue on the main road until you see this faux stone wall.

There’s room to park there. Then, after passing into the compound you’ll come upon a pleasant recreation area with a pool table as seen here.

While a game of billiards with your friends may be fun. May I suggest a dip in the pool? There are two. A large, deeper one…

…and a shallow one…

That’s a float up bar at the far end. Don’t want to be thirsty out there in the Aruban sunshine. The rooms are arranged around these pools giving you direct and immediate access to the water. A typical room features a nice bedroom like this…

…and a sitting area with micro-kitchenette like this…

The kitchenette area is off to the right, out of the frame. Then, Chef Gabby will be making you breakfast and snacks, served in the dining area. Around those pools you’ll find coolers dispensing lemonade and iced-tea at no extra charge, which is a nice bonus.

There’s a lending library here with books and games. Also available are various all terrain vehicles for exploring remote parts of the island, and there are a few worth finding. Club Arias provides an alternative to the big hotels. It is a place away from the bustle of the main tourist center. Here you can kick back in a casual fashion, do your own thing, and not have to worry about the crowds or the exorbitant prices that can sting your budget. Check it out.

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