Charlie’s in Panorama

Still messing about with that panorama function on the new camera. I arrived in Aruba at 1:40 and at Charlie’s Bar at 1:57. Good timing. I took out the little Sony digital device and snapped a pan before the imbibing commenced. That’s my friend and bartender, Cor, in the center of the photo. You have to click on the photo to open it in another window that will show you the entire span.

Things got a little blurry in the middle. Not the fault of the camera. That was me trying to take the picture and tilt the glass at the same time. Either way, came out quite nice. I’ll be shooting lots of these panoramas in Aruba over the next several weeks. I want to document some locations. Many things have changed on the island since I started coming here about 16 years ago. It’s nice to have a record of what was.

Bon dia.

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