Willypan, Aruba

Willypan Bakery and Reposteria is located on Rodgerstraat in San Nicolaas, Aruba. It’s basically around the corner from Charlie’s Bar. In my quest for continued caloric conquest, I stopped in here after a sojourn at the aforementioned house of hospitality.

Looking for a treat, I was not disappointed. The nice fellow working behind the counter served me up three pastries: one with cheese, one with carmel and one with a strawberry filling. This chap told me he was from Medellin, Colombia. We had a few minutes’ conversation to polish my Spanish, talk shop about baking, and off I went.

Prices are cheap, basically between 2 and 7 florins, 1.50 to 4 US dollars. Can’t go wrong for that price. And the aroma of fresh baked bread, rolls, and pastry is a great way to stimulate the appetite for the mighty Bandeja Paisa or other feast of your choice.

Bon dia.

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