Canton Overseas, Aruba

Canton Overseas is a little bar/restaurant I stumbled into last week while running errands on the east side of Oranjestaad. I like small, local joints for snacks or an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Passing by this place, I saw a pleasant looking Chinese woman working an outdoor grill with real charcoal under the metal. I thought to myself, hey, this is worth a try. In I go to find a buffet line with roast chicken, ribs, fried rice, and a bunch of other items. Naturally, I ordered up a couple of plates. Check it out.

Simple fare to be sure. That’s roast chicken and a some pieces of spicy chicken, too. The nice thing was, you could buy each piece and mix and match. Can’t beat that for variety and value. Two platters as shown, with tap water followed by a Coca-Cola cost all of 21 florins, about 12-13 US dollars. Great price. I’ve been back a few times with good results. The young man working behind the bar has also taught me some Chinese words which will come in handy sooner or later.

Bon dia.