Pool View, Aruba

Here in Aruba there are several different kinds of views. You can have a sea view, a countryside view, even a city view. Well, I posted several times about a particular home that was under construction in an area in the middle of the island known as San Fuego. The house is now finished and occupied. The owners have a pool with a beautiful view out over the cunucu as the countryside is known in Aruba. Using the panorama function on that spiffy camera of mine, you can see it’s for real. (As mentioned, just click on the photo to open it in a larger window for the full width.)

That’s an incredible location, no? Absolutely. The good news is, there are a few lots in that area for sale with similar opportunities for spectacular vistas. If that’s your kind of Caribbean living, I suggest you wing to Aruba and plunk down some cash. In a year, you could be lounging by a pool like this, sipping a cool beverage with a dozen of your closest friends. And those friends won’t be in a hurry to leave, either.

Bon dia.

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