DAYSTAR Cafe, Aruba

The Daystar Cafe opened about 4 months ago. It’s located in Savaneta, Aruba, just behind the General Store that you see on the east side of the main highway leading to San Nicolaas. You’ll recognize the sign.

Just drive in along the short, dirt road behind the big General Store building and you’ll find plenty of parking at the Daystar.

Inside you’ll find friendly faces, fresh food, and free WIFI. Take a look.

And here’s another view of the comfortable seating where you can kick back and put you’re feet up after a day of cruising the countryside.

So how about the food. Well, below you’ll see an image of some breakfast plates that just came from the kitchen.

Hungry yet? I am. There are salads and sandwiches, fresh fruit and juices, everything you need to refresh and recharge. Maybe you’re on your way to Baby Beach or on the way back from a snorkle trek. Either way, this place has sit down and take out food and drinks. Give it a try.

Bon dia.