Chili Hut, Aruba

So, today was lunch at the Chili Hut in the Bubali area of Aruba. The place is known as a Surinamese food spot, which was something new for me. I sat at the counter, ordering some egg roll-like things to start and than a noodle with mixed grill combo. Note in the photo below the inserts below the counter top to stash your glasses, keys, and such. Very convenient.

┬áHere’s a look at the meal.

I stuck with the mild flavors but you can spice it up as much as you want as explained the fellow behind the counter. Take a look at the menu board. There’s a wide selection there, all made to order.

This place is a little off the beaten path but not far at all from the high-rise hotel area. So, if you’re looking for someting different and reasonably priced, the Chili Hut might fit the bill.

Bon dia.