Driving to Casa Vieja, Aruba

Sure, I posted before about Casa Vieja, which is my favorite Colombian restaurant in Aruba. This time, we’re going to drive there, the way I’ve been doing to quite a few places. This makes them easy to find when you visit the island. You can also pause the video to check out the menu. Okay, here we go, driving to Casa Vieja, staring on the main highway from the hotel area to the Queen Beatrix Airport, all the way to the restaurant. Start your engines:

How do you like that Bandeja Paisa platter? Quite a meal, eh? Don’t forget the cholesterol lowering medication of your choice. Bon dia from Aruba.

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  1. Hey. Great blog. This is more of a question than comment tho. On the menu of Casa Vieja, are the prices in dollars or florins?

    • The prices at Casa Vieja are in FLORINS. Enjoy!

    • Casa Vieja prices are in Florins.

  2. Fantastic. I will be visiting with family in 30days and plan to try this place. Not having a vehicle, do you think it would be feasible to take the bus to the nearby stop and walk down the road with the cemetery to the restaurant?

    • Oops. I need to post this on the ZeeRover post and need to be better at the Internet

    • Really not easy to take the bus there. Lots of waiting and hassle. Sorry.

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