Baby Beach to San Nicolaas, Aruba

Here’s a video showing exactly how to drive from Baby Beach, Aruba into the heart of San Nicolaas. Many people ask me for directions to some of my favorite places in Aruba and this video is a good reference. You can make the drive before leaving wherever it is you are, getting familiar with the sights along the way. There’s also a quick look inside the Hollywood Smokehouse and Charlie’s Bar, two great places to stop in for a snack and a beverage. (See other pages here on the blog that show the food.) Here we go.

That was easy! Plenty more of these videos to come. They’ll eventually end up as a series of links on the Aruba Driving Directions page here on my blog. If Aruba ever gets serious about streets signs, you won’t need these videos. In the mean time, well, it never hurts to have a preview of the terrain ahead. Bon dia.

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