iStore, Aruba, video visit

There is an iStore on Aruba these days and how appropriate to make a visit on the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ birthday. Here’s the video:

There are friendly, helpful people at the iStore. If you need a cable or a repair or just want to check out an Apple product, feel free to stop in. And did you notice that old iMac and even older Mac 512K? (I think that 512K Mac was called the Fat Mac, but I’m not sure.) Those are real conversation pieces. Special thanks to Milo for showing me the store. Bon dia.

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  1. Hi, it has been pleasure having you at our iStore Aruba, Apple only Store.

    You are welcome anytime you can and want. Also this invitation goes to everyone visiting Aruba.

    Bono Bini to Aruba. Welcome
    Thank you very much.


    • Thanks, Milo! I’ll be in to buy some Apple things to improve my computer setup on the island.

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