Lil’ Buster

Lil’ Buster showed up at my home airport yesterday. Quite a nice example of a classic aircraft, in this case a Luscombe. Take a look.

Lil’ Buster, Luscombe Aircraft

It featured that fancy paint job, complete with the name.

Cowling of the Luscombe, Lil’ Buster.

The instrument panel contains only the necessities, those instruments required by law, for safe operation.

Luscombe instrument panel.

A plane like this requires real stick and rudder skills. It’s all you, all the time, and I would venture to say, that’s what makes it fun and interesting. You’re flying under visual flight rules, using a chart and dead reckoning, and what you can see below to find your way. This is my kind of flying.

Driving to John’s Roast Pork, Phila

Last year, I posted a video showing the roast pork sandwich at John’s in South Philadelphia. People have been asking me how to get there, so just like those videos I make in Aruba, here’s one showing you how to get there, starting on I-95 northbound near the Philadelphia Airport.

Just in case, please note that John’s Roast Pork is located on the corner of Weccacoe Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for the best roast pork sandwich and/or cheesesteak, John’s is the place. Enjoy it all and be prepared for a nap afterward.

Freeze Dried Food

It is hurricane season and in some parts of the world winter is also on the way. In other words, it’s time to think about being prepared for some inconveniences such as the loss of power or having to be temporarily relocated. One of the things you can do is have some freeze dried food on hand. Of course, you’ll also need a camp stove (or other type of fire) to boil water to use this food. (I’ll be reviewing a camp stove in a couple of weeks.) I decided to try a couple of meals from Wise Company. Here’s one on the video:

That was a substantial meal with decent taste. The one thing you want to be careful of with this stuff is the sodium content. Read the nutritional information on the side of the package for complete details. It’s always good to be prepared and having several of these meals around may make life a whole lot more comfortable in the event of a national disaster or other problem.

Rivers of Clouds

Very pleasant flight this morning. Took off from home base and headed north by slightly east. After passing over Allentown, the rolling hills of Pennsylvania were filled with rivers of clouds. Here’s the photo:

Rivers of clouds as seen from 5,500 ft.

That photo was taken at 5,500 feet above sea level. Continuing north, I stopped off at Mount Pocono (KMPO). Great airport. Here’s the view from 3,500:

Mount Pocono Airport (KMPO) as seen from 3,500 ft.

It’s nice to have crossing runways because it gives you flexibility depending upon wind direction for landing. So, another couple of hours in the log book. The Diamond DA-40 flew like a dream and Allentown Approach did a great job keeping traffic flowing. Can’t wait for the next flight.