Jamis Renegade Elite

Well, it was new bike day. I’m pleased to introduce the latest member of the fleet, the Jamis Renegade Elite. See photo below:


Jamis considers this an “adventure” bike and I have to agree. It features a full carbon frame, disc brakes, Shimano Ultegra running gear, and a bunch of other features. Considering I’m used to riding a Trek 8000 hard tail mountain bike, this is a much different ride. In the first place, the Renegade has much less rolling resistance due to more narrow tires and less weight. Acceleration feels snappy. The ride is a little more reactive. It’s FUN. Seriously. This is a great bike for the type of riding I do and plan to do. I’ll report more as I log the miles. Always wear your safety gear!

Rolling Seas

A friend of mine recently related his sailing adventures. Part of his trip involved sailing along the coast of New Jersey into New York Harbor. Off the coast of Atlantic City, he ran into some easterly swells that were crossed by a westerly chop. A confused sea it was and here’s his photo:

Rough seas off the coast of Atlantic City.

This photo illustrates why I prefer to fly, as opposed to sail. Better to be above the weather than in it. Each adventure has its challenges. Be careful whatever you do.

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Aruba Bob Snorkeling, video

You won’t meet a guy more friendly than Kent, better known as Aruba Bob. He’s been snorkeling around the island for more than 15 years and takes you on a personal tour through the water. Here’s my interview with him, including a look at some of the sea life you’ll see on one of his adventures.

Those “water scooters” make the snorkeling trip at Mangel Halto twice the fun. You can relax and soar along atop the sea while checking out the sea life. Given the small groups and personalized nature of the snorkel adventure with Kent and his friend, Stuart, you’re bound to have the best time. Enjoy the ocean responsibly.

Coastal Flying

Back in February, I took a nice flight to Cape May, NJ, right before a snowstorm. I decided to retrace that flight and add another leg to it along the coast. Therefore, I flew to Cape May then turned north, skirting the New Jersey beaches all the way to Monmouth County Executive Airport. Since we’ve already seen photos of Cape May’s airport. Take a look at Atlantic City International as seen from 3500 feet.

As you can see, there’s plenty of runway over there in the haze. Atlantic City also has approach controllers, which is a handy feature for those of us flying under visual flight rules. We call them on the radio, give them our tail number, and if they have resources available, the approach controller will provide what is known as “flight following.” In this case, they give you a discrete code for your transponder and they keep an eye on your progress through their airspace. They provide traffic advisors which makes it easier to see the other guy, especially in conditions like today, when it was hazy.

Well, looking out the other side of the plane, you can see Atlantic City itself. Check it out.

Poor folks down there dumping money into the casino. Or, maybe they’re on the beach. Moving right along, the next photo shows Barnegate Inlet. The lighthouse stands on the south side. I’ve been in and out of there on boats a few times.

All in all this was a terrific flight. The Cessna 172 performed well, the weather cooperated, and while there were plenty of other planes in the air, none of us got in each other’s way. And how about that view!