Scabeche, Aruba

Scabeche Restaurant is located at the Caribbean Palm Village in Noord, Aruba. It’s tucked inside the the complex, which means it’s not visible from the street. You’ll walk past the pools and want to take a dip, but enjoy the food first. I had a very pleasant meal here last week as part of a large group. There were about 30 of us spread over three tables and Scabeche’s staff did a fantastic job. So, let’s get to the food. We started with some appetizers including this shrimp cocktail:

Shrimp cocktail at Scabeche, Aruba.

Shrimp cocktail at Scabeche, Aruba.

Those shrimp were quite large. There was also a nice caesar salad. But let’s see some entrees, like this grouper with mango sauce:


And how about the chicken parmesan you see here:

Chicken Parmesan at Scabeche, Aruba.

Chicken Parmesan at Scabeche, Aruba.

That chicken was perfectly cooking meaning it was juicy and over a bed of truly al dente pasta. A friend liked the rib eye steak as you see next:

Rib eye at Scabeche, Aruba.

Rib eye at Scabeche, Aruba.

Among the other high points were the vegetables, which were cooked just enough. (Sometimes in Aruba, the veggies come out bland. These were still crunch and full of flavor. I like my veggies so these were particularly tasty.) Finally, a slice of cheesecake for dessert:

Cheesecake at Scabeche, Aruba.

Cheesecake at Scabeche, Aruba.

All in all, a solid meal with great service. My water glass was always full and the waiters hustled around the tables so our group could eat mostly together. No easy feat and they did a great job. If you haven’t tried this place, give it a go. I think you’ll like it.

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