Coca-Cola on the border

This is one of my favorite Coca-Cola commercials of all time. Great story telling, great visuals, great message.

Now that’s a brilliant piece of work. As always, enjoy Coca-Cola ICE COLD.

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Coca-Cola Twins

It’s amazing to see the creative ways The Coca-Cola Company markets its legendary elixir. Here’s a pair of “bottles” that are actually made out of aluminum.

These bottles hold about 8.5 ounces, the perfect serving size for a refreshing treat. I can’t imagine what they’ll come up with next, but I’m sure it will be of excellent design and impressive creativity. Enjoy Coca-Cola! Ice-cold of course!

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A Favorite Combo!

Arrived safely in Aruba and promptly set off for one of my favorite combos: Coca-Cola and the Bandeja Paisa platter as prepared at Casa Vieja. Here’s the photographic evidence:

With a banner like that on display, you have to stop in for an ice-cold Coca-Cola. And so I did, pairing it with the magnificent Bandeja Paisa tray as seen here:

That my dear friends is one BIG feed. Ate most of all of it due to the skipping of breakfast in preparation to consume large. Naturally, did not have supper. Anyway, more photos and videos coming from Aruba, so stay tuned here at The Bent Page. Bon did from Aruba!

Coca-Cola originally from Spain?

Imagine my shock when today I read a story in the Spanish newspapers about Coca-Cola originating in Spain! Apparently, three fellows from the town of Aielo de Malferit in Valencia created a concoction using kola nut strain and coca leaves which became a beverage known as “Nuez de Kola Cola.” Supposedly it was the same color as today’s famous beverage. At any rate, these guys attended a world exhibition in Paris circa 1880 and a drinks congress in Philadelphia in 1885. These weren’t any three amateurs either, they supplied Spain’s royalty with certain types of drinks. Bueno!

Now, regular readers of this blog know my great affection for both Spain and Coca-Cola. Therefore, while this story is intrigueing, I’m going to leave the jury out. No doubt there were numerous beverages being created during this time period. The point is that Coca-Cola rose to the top, all the way to the top, all around the world. I’ve yet to go to a place where Coca-Cola is not available, although I am still looking. Either way, Spain and Coca-Cola are two great things that should not be missed.


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