Carry Out

The Coca-Cola signage in Aruba is fantastic. I spotted this mini-billboard here in Aruba, at the exit for a drive-through distributor of soft drinks.

Recently, many signs have been updated at the snack shops and other places. I’ve always been impressed with the ability of Coke to keep its brand fresh. That’s no easy task for a product that has been around so long. Remember, always enjoy your Coca-Cola ice-cold.

Bon dia.

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Says it all!

This billboard went up last summer along L.G. Smith Boulevard in Oranjestaad, Aruba.

I think that headline says it all. Except for maybe, “Enjoy Coca-Cola ICE-COLD.”

Bon dia.

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Still the real thing…

Old Coca-Cola signs are everywhere, including this example from Aruba. It was painted on the side of a building near the old Atlantic Hotel and Villa site.

It’s a little worse for the wear, but still the real thing. Soon there will be 150 residences built in the open area behind this sign. That’s why photos are important, to document what was and what’s to come. Enjoy your Coca-Cola ice-cold.

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A Fine Snack

If I parachuted into Siberia, I’m sure I could find a pastry shop. In Spain, it is much easier as there are many fine bakers of sugary delights. In Trujillo, there was one on my route and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the goods. A couple of cookies and pastries were wrapped up and I was on my way. Of course, I supplemented this with an ice-cold Coca-Cola back in my room at Posada Dos Orillas.

That’s a beautiful sight! The netbook was open to show that I was working a bit during this voyage of discovery. However, I never passed up the chance to sample the local flavor.