Aruba Bob Snorkeling, video

You won’t meet a guy more friendly than Kent, better known as Aruba Bob. He’s been snorkeling around the island for more than 15 years and takes you on a personal tour through the water. Here’s my interview with him, including a look at some of the sea life you’ll see on one of his adventures.

Those “water scooters” make the snorkeling trip at Mangel Halto twice the fun. You can relax and soar along atop the sea while checking out the sea life. Given the small groups and personalized nature of the snorkel adventure with Kent and his friend, Stuart, you’re bound to have the best time. Enjoy the ocean responsibly.

Arikok National Park, improvements

Aruba’s Arikok National Park occupies approximately one third of the island’s land mass. Recently, the road through the park has been upgraded. Portions of it have been paved with asphalt. The entrance at San Fuego, shown below, features paving blocks.

airkok1The park hosts some interesting wildlife, including the burrowing owls shown in an earlier post. There are trails to hike as well. Just take plenty of water, a good hat, and your walking stick. The fellow at the booth mentioned that the roads would be completed in “about a month,” which would mean around the first of April 2009.

Enjoy nature responsibly and bon dia from Aruba.

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Aruba’s Burrowing Owls

Aruba’s burrowing owls are fascinating creatures. They nest in the ground as opposed to in trees. They’re well adapted to the environment as their coloring and marking makes them difficult to spot in the landscape. I made the following video when I happened upon a pair nesting at the base of a sand pile. No doubt this was easier to dig than the usual burrows. Take a look.

As you can see, their movements are rather snappy. One stands guard from his perch atop the sand pile, while the other minds the next below. I never disturb these owls. Instead, I use the maximum zoom on my video camera which enables me to stand off a good distance.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Owls in Aruba

Given that Aruba is a desert island, the wildlife is limited as compared to more tropical locations. However, there are quite a few interesting birds to  be seen, including these burrowing owls. You have to look at this photo very carefully to spot the owl on the rock in the center of the photo.

The owls are very skittish. I took this photo from about 100′ away, which is why the resolution is poor. If you get much closer, they fly away. Notice the burrow beneath the rock in the lower left of the picture. That’s where they nest. I’m always extremely careful not to disturb the next or the owls themselves. There aren’t many of these guys left on the island. The good news is that conservation efforts are helping.

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