Driving to Mangel Halto, Aruba, video

Mangel Halto is a great place to go snorkeling. If you remember my video from several posts ago, AurbaBob (aka Kent) takes his guests snorkeling at this spot. Well, here’s a video showing you how to drive there. Just take the 1A from the hotel area, south toward San Nicolaas, past the airport, and my video picks up as you approach the traffic light at Balashi.

That was easy. You’ll see people gather here for the sunset, too. Maybe check out Mangel Halto the next time you’re in Aruba. Bon dia.

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Aruba Bob Snorkeling, video

You won’t meet a guy more friendly than Kent, better known as Aruba Bob. He’s been snorkeling around the island for more than 15 years and takes you on a personal tour through the water. Here’s my interview with him, including a look at some of the sea life you’ll see on one of his adventures.

Those “water scooters” make the snorkeling trip at Mangel Halto twice the fun. You can relax and soar along atop the sea while checking out the sea life. Given the small groups and personalized nature of the snorkel adventure with Kent and his friend, Stuart, you’re bound to have the best time. Enjoy the ocean responsibly.