Barn Cat

Was working on a project in rural Pennsylvania and came upon this barn cat.

Barn cat in rural Pennsylvania.

Barn cat in rural Pennsylvania.

Cute little thing, only about 6 months old, but already into everything. Always good to have a cat around, especially on a farm.

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Love at first sight? (Aruba c. 2002?)

As mentioned in the previous post, I was going through my photo archives. I stumbled onto this one, an absolute favorite taken with my old Nikon F3. The location is Charlie’s Bar, San Nicolaas, Aruba. I remember turning from my drink at the bar and seeing this little girl look at Chavez the Cat and Chavez looking at her. Here it is (a photo of a photo):

A little girl and Chavez the cat at Charlie's Bar in San Nicolaas, Aruba, c. 2002.

A little girl and Chavez the cat at Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas, Aruba, c. 2002.

That is a photo of a print, which actually gives it a more archival feel, like a photo from many, many years ago. I’m fairly certain that I took this in 2002. I was using film back then, film by the mile actually. There’s boundless emotion in this little scene. I only wish I could find the negative and make more prints.

Cliff the feline border collie

Cliff is the little black cat in the photo below. He’s a stray, fed regularly by some people in the neighborhood of Savaneta, Aruba. As you can also see in the photo, Cliff herds the chickens that are also taken care of by the same people. It’s amazing to watch Cliff, who seems to keep the chickens away from the nearby road and generally in the vicinity of the food and water bowls.

Cliff the Cat herds chickens.

Cliff the Cat herds chickens.

I’m not sure if Cliff has a “snack” once in a while. Whatever the case, this seems to be an example of confused identity on the part of Cliff who might have been a border collie in a previous life. You never know.

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A cat named TITAN

Meet TITAN. He’s about the biggest cat I’ve ever seen in Aruba, which is why I gave him this name. (Don’t know what his owner calls him.)

Titan the Cat, relaxes at sunset.

Titan the Cat, relaxes at sunset.

For years I used to see him there by the house where he lives. Then, I didn’t see him for about six months and thought he’d finally passed on. However, just yesterday, I spotted him back in his old place. He’s got to be at least 25-30 pounds. He’s also got a little bit of an attitude now and then. Either way, an amazing example of the cat world here in Aruba.

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