Scuba in Aruba

There are a number of great places to scuba dive in Aruba. Yesterday, I sat down with my friend, Kent, for a talk about his underwater adventures on the island. He was generous enough to lend me some of his footage from the deep blue sea that is part of the interview. You’ll also meet Stuart and Kat, both of whom enjoy the sport to the max, including night dives. Check out the tape:

That was some amazing stuff, especially the night footage and the airplane. How about that turtle, too? If you like scuba diving, you’ll enjoy yourself here in Aruba. Head to the island and give it a try. I plan on assembling some more video of Kent and Stuart diving soon, including more of that airplane site. Bon dia.

The Windy Side

The Windy Side of Aruba, that is the eastern side, can be a challenge for man and machine. There is a road that stretches from San Nicolaas along the shore to the Arikok National Park and then into San Fuego. I see lots of small cars making this trek, much to their peril. Sure, you can make it. You can also get stranded if you’re not careful. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen very often.

oceanroadaI like to ride my bicycle from Savaneta over to the point where I took this photo. The route takes me past the location of the new windmills and several other interesting sites. There is very little traffic, which makes for safer riding, too. The landscape on the windy side can be dramatic, with cliffs, crashing surf, herds of wild goats, and the occasional ship far off at sea. If you take this drive, use caution, take water and a cellphone, and don’t go alone.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Top of the Hill

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been riding my bicycle here in Aruba. Was on the road again this morning, this time with a camera. So, here’s a look at my machine:

bikedownaAs you can see, it’s a full suspension mountain bike. This is more of a down hill rider than an all-purpose mountain bike. That rear suspension makes it heavy, which is good for my cardio workout. Plus, it takes all the abuse of riding on some of the rougher trails. Then there are the disc brakes.

bikedownbI prefer the disc brakes. They’ll stop you on a dime and in my experience work better in wet conditions. My bike in the States has your standard friction brakes on the rims. They do the job, but if I ever upgrade that unit, I’ll go with the discs.

No here’s a view from the top of the Savaneta water tank hill. Climbing up that grade requires all the gears. Take a look.

bigtopaHard to beat that view here in Aruba. I take it easy going down. There is a herd of goats that grazes the area, a bunch of lizards, and various other creatures that have a habit of darting out at the last second. Plus, if you blow a tire or experience some other mechanical failure the tumble will not be pleasant.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Palm Beach, Aruba (video)

Palm Beach, Aruba, hosts a line of high-rise hotels. This beach is wide, clean, and inviting. The Caribbean is always warm. Depending upon the wind direction, the water is either as calm as a millpond or rolling to shore in small waves. Take a look at the video.

I took this video later in the afternoon when many people have left the beach. There are palapa huts along the beach, usually maintained by the hotels. These have to be occupied early, as many people stake them out all day. You’ll also find that some hotels offer drink service on the beach. Quite convenient. Along the way are two piers where you’ll find bars, water sports equipment rentals, and your fellow beach lovers enjoying themselves.

Be careful because the sun is strong in Aruba!

Bon dia from the island.