Galiña Stoba, JoAnn Snack, Aruba

Continuing with the food theme here in Aruba and still using the iPhone… here’s a look at the galiña stoba platter at JoAnn Snack. This is kind of like crock pot chicken with all the sides. Here’s the video:

The chicken is fall off the bone delicious. There’s plenty of starch there to keep you going all day as well. Again, the prices at these local joints can’t be beat. Plus, there’s lots of local atmosphere that you may find interesting and entertaining. Bon dia.

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Lomito, Aruba, video

One of my favorite Colombian restaurants on the the island of Aruba is The New Pueblito Paisa located in San Nicolaas. And, a favorite meal is the lomito. Here’s a short video:

That’s a tasty dish served at a great price by friendly people. They have many other Colombian style meals there, including delicious soups. Stop in and try it. Bon dia.

Double Happy, Aruba, video

Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.” There’s also a number of other happily named places on the island, such as this small Chinese operated bar/restaurant/pool hall, known as the “Double Happy.” Here’s a short video:

Friends gather several nights a week to shoot pool, have some drinks, laugh, and enjoy the fun. This place is located at the south end of San Nicolaas. Bon dia.

Aruba Signage is Fantastic

All around the island of Aruba, you’ll find great signage, some of it hand-painted. The names of the stores, bars, restaurants, and various other businesses will amaze and intrigue you. Take a look at this one:

The NEW BIG NEW MINI market. Huh?

The NEW BIG NEW MINI market. Huh?

That’s right! This place is the NEW – BIG  – NEW, mini market. Has to be a winner because they have that giant Coca-Cola bottle on the left. Anyway, if you’re on the island, go for a ride and see the sights, including the local signs. Lots of laughs.