Double Happy, Aruba, video

Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.” There’s also a number of other happily named places on the island, such as this small Chinese operated bar/restaurant/pool hall, known as the “Double Happy.” Here’s a short video:

Friends gather several nights a week to shoot pool, have some drinks, laugh, and enjoy the fun. This place is located at the south end of San Nicolaas. Bon dia.

Pool Table with a View!

In the town of Savaneta on the island of Aruba, you’ll find a place called Zeerovers. In Dutch, Zeerovers means pirates. However, this place is more of a fisherman’s hangout than a pirate’s nest. Best of all, you can shoot a game of pool on this table, with that view. (Click to enlarge.)

Up for a game? The locals play rounds here: winner continues on the table while the loser waits for his next chance. Just to give a brief orientation, here’s a look at the exterior from the road that fronts the place.

The little wooden building out front is a lottery shack. If you’re feeling lucky, you can buy a chance at winning the Aruba lottery. It only takes two florins and a dream, just like anywhere else. I’d skip that and go straight inside where you’re guaranteed a cold drink, friendly company, and fresh fish if the catch has been landed. I’ve been coming to this place off and on for about six years now. It is a location frequented by one of my characters in An Island Away. I wanted to use as much original material in the book as possible, including places like this that are not so much off the beaten path as they are overlooked. As you drive by here, you might never realize what happens on the other side of those buildings. Here’s a look at where the fishermen land their catch.

That man is good with a knife. He can filet a fish faster than you can line up your cue stick on the pool table. There’s also a cat that lurks around here. I couldn’t find him when I took these photos, probably because there was no fish to be had. He must be the biggest cat on the island, certainly weighing more than 20 pounds. Feasting on all the cast offs keeps him pleasantly full, but he’s always up for more. Local residents as well as buyers from restaurant and hotel kitchens come here for the catch of the day. Some sport fisherman will bring the results of their own efforts, too. Wahoo, mahi, and grouper are just a few of the varieties that you’ll find. Here’s one last look, this time a reverse angle on the pool table showing the walk-up bar and jukebox.

If no one is playing pool then someone is usually dancing. Hey, with that view, what difference does it make? You’re bound to have a great time.