Palm Beach Bars, Aruba

Along Aruba’s famous Palm Beach you’ll find a number of places to exercise your elbow. I like to stroll along this beach, either on the sand or on the paved promenade that runs from the Westin Hotel to the Holiday Inn. It’s good for your joints and there’s plenty of places to kill the pain if you are so inclined. So here’s a video showing some of these places.

Lots of fun! An easy walk back to your hotel, too. So take it easy. You don’t have to go to every bar, or maybe you do. Either way, enjoy yourself. Bon dia.

Beach and Pool Bars, Aruba

With its handsome beaches and string of hotels that front them, it’s no surprise there are a number of bars for the visitor to enjoy in Aruba. You’ll find all kinds of themes. Here’s a little video that shows some of them that can be found along Palm Beach, near the high-rise hotels.

There are more beaches and more bars. If you want to make a journey of your drinking here, it will be a long one.

Bon dia.

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