Dushi Bagels and More! video

Dushi Bagels and Burgers & Burgers share the same operation in front of the Playa Linda along Aruba’s high-rise hotel area. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they offer you plenty of options, from a sesame bagel with cream cheese to a bacon cheeseburger to a chicken dinner. Here’s the video with plenty of details.

Those prices are very reasonable, which means you won’t break the bank when munching on your favorites. Dushi Bagels and Burgers & Burgers are a great alternative for a casual meal so give them a try if you’re looking for something easy. Bon dia.

Dushi Bagels, Aruba

Dushi Bagels near the Casa del Mar in the low-rise hotel area of Aruba will satisfy that urge you might have for your favorite baked item. Here’s a photo so you’ll recognize the place.

dushi1As the name implies, they have “authentic New York bagels,” which after being on the island for a while you probably have to have. I stop in here from time to time and have not been disappointed.

dushi2As you can see there is plenty of seating if you want to enjoy your bagel in the sunshine. While we all want to try local cuisine or something different, sometimes its the old favorites that must be satisfied. Give this place a try. It might do the trick.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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