Scuba in Aruba

There are a number of great places to scuba dive in Aruba. Yesterday, I sat down with my friend, Kent, for a talk about his underwater adventures on the island. He was generous enough to lend me some of his footage from the deep blue sea that is part of the interview. You’ll also meet Stuart and Kat, both of whom enjoy the sport to the max, including night dives. Check out the tape:

That was some amazing stuff, especially the night footage and the airplane. How about that turtle, too? If you like scuba diving, you’ll enjoy yourself here in Aruba. Head to the island and give it a try. I plan on assembling some more video of Kent and Stuart diving soon, including more of that airplane site. Bon dia.

Zeerover’s, A quick visit

Zeerover’s fisherman’s wharf is in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI. This is the kind of place that hasn’t changed much in the past fifty years. Here the daily catch comes in, and if you like, they’ll fry it up for you while you wait. Then you can have a seat, an ice-cold drink, and gaze upon the Caribbean while you eat. There’s also a pool table if you like the challenge. Here’s a video that shows you how to get there from the main highway, heading south. Then there’s a look inside.

During your visit to Aruba, take the time to stop in to Zeerover’s and as many of the other local joints as you can. It’ll add a new dimension to your vacation. Bon dia.

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Fishing In Aruba

People ask me about fishing in Aruba. Truth be told, I don’t fish. I don’t like to eat fish. I know nothing about fishing. However, my friend Kent knows how to fish and here’s a photo of him during an outing in Aruba.

aruba-fishing-025That’s Kent holding the fish. One happy guy on one happy island eh? Judging by Kent’s reaction, I would say the fishing can be good in Aruba. There are a number of boats to be hired by the day or half day. They can be found in the main harbour at Oranjestaad as well as at several marinas around the island. Again, I’m not an expert on fishing but Kent has a smile, which has to count for something.

Bon dia.

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One Happy Cat, Aruba

Along the main road in Aruba, you’ll find guys selling fresh fish from wooden tables. The make-shift stands are very popular among the Arubans. Some are literally “drive-up” operations. The customers pull off the road, close enough to the stand to make a purchase without exiting the vehicle. Of course, where there are fresh fish to be had, you’ll typically find a well-fed cat. Here’s a video of one.

That’s quite a fish lying there on the table. And that cat likes his share of the scraps. I’ll be posting a few follow-up videos showing the other stands and cats. They’re lots of fun.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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