Pasteleria La Delizia, Aruba, video

Pasteleria La Delizia is a new find for me here on the island of Aruba. Some friends recommended it for fresh baked goods and I’m glad they did. Here’s my video visit, complete with driving directions so you’ll know how to find it easily. (Believe me, it’s easy to get there!)

Since way back when I’ve been a pastry junkie, and this place will give me another spot to indulge the vice. Plus the fresh bagels, rolls, and bread, will go a long way to making an average meal a whole lot better. Nothing better than fresh baked bread to enhance the flavor of your favorite sandwich. If you’re on the island, check this place out. Bon dia.

Classic Breakfast

Regular readers of The Bent Page know that breakfast is my favorite meal. (Actually, I enjoy every meal but I had to pick one as number one and breakfast took the spot.) Well, one of my favorite places to have breakfast, aside of my kitchen table, is The Classic Diner in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. This place is the hands down winner for breakfast foods diner-style in my range of artery-plugging places.

The Classic Diner is located on Route 30. You can’t miss it because there’s always two dozen cars parked in the lot and a line of people out the door. I sneak in here about once every ten days when I’m in the area. Back to the food. When you order a plate of scrambled eggs with bacon and rye toast, this is what they present at your table.

I actually started whaling on that before taking the photo, so I apologize for the mess. Trust me, the presentation is fantastic. This is not your average diner.┬áThe Classic has it’s own line of bacon that you can see there, which they cut about 1/8 inch thick and slow fry on the griddle. It is smoky, chewy, and delicious. The potatoes are also excellent, not the usual re-fried been on the side since 4AM kind.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this place is that the prices are only about one or two dollars more per plate than your run of the mill diner. Given that the service is as good as any elegant supper spot, the quality of the food equally high, and the quantity enough to stuff two people from every plate, the value can not be beat. Did I mention they bake their own breads which are for sale by the loaf? Did I mention they bake their own sticky buns for the table or take away? Did I mention you could eat yourself into oblivion here?

Thus, if you’re in the Philadelphia area, don’t miss The Classic Diner. (In a couple of months I’ll post about their cheeseburgers. Just take your favorite cut of steak and make it into a burger. Yes, that good.)

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