Locomotive No. 90

As mentioned in the previous post, I was checking out the steam trains in Strasburg, PA, USA. Here’s a simple iPhone photo of Locomotive No. 90.


Baldwin Locomotive Works built that beast in 1924. I’m sure there has been some repairs and rebuilds since. Still impressive. Here’s a better shot taken with a Nikon D810 of the running gear:


Some heavy steel there. As you can see, in magnificent condition thanks to the hard work of the team that keeps these machines on the rails. Check it out someday.

Arashi Beach, Aruba, iPhone 6, video

Here’s a quick look at Aruba’s Arashi Beach. It’s a small beach, located near the northwest end of the island. As you’ll see in this video, they have barriers set up to mark the turtle egg-laying areas. Check it out:

Still learning the app for the iPhone video. Soon will be able to edit and post direct from the iPhone which will be faster. Might add one of those external lenses just for a change of perspective. Stay tuned.

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Star Walk, app review

After lingering in the 19th and 20th centuries for far too long, I’ve finally entered the 21st by purchasing an iPhone. This is an amazing device, as the rest of the civilized world already knows. For me, it’s more than a new toy. It is a productivity tool which has already earned its keep in any number of ways. At the same time, there are some things on here that are just plain fascinating and one of them is the Star Walk application. It’s like having an astronomer in your shirt pocket. You fire up the application, hold the iPhone up to the sky (usually at night) and it gives a rendering of the firmament above, complete with stars, planets, satellites, and the moon. Then you tap on a particular star and up pops all the info about it. There’s also overlays of the constellations. And you get a photo of the day, something usually incredible. For the few dollars this app cost, you get an entire astronomy course delivered to your handset. I wish I had this unit during my college years; I would have aced that astronomy class.

What’s your favorite app?

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