Matthew’s in Aruba

Matthew’s Restaurant, that is. This is a favorite of many visitors looking for a reasonably priced meal with a view of the sea. Matthew’s is located at the Casa del Mar timeshare with a beautiful vista of the Caribbean. It’s fun to eat here and watch the cruise ships pass by. Here’s a short video showing the restaurant and a lunch.

Rib night is another regular feature at Matthew’s. When you’re on the island, call and see exactly what’s on offer and stop by for a taste. Bon dia.

Matthew’s Restaurant, Aruba (video)

Matthew’s Restaurant is located at the Casa del Mar complex in the low-rise hotel area of Aruba. It fronts the beach and you can hear the ocean lapping the shore while you eat. We stopped there for lunch yesterday, as both my wife and I had a hankering for a cheeseburger. Well, we chose the right place. Check out this video for proof.

Service here is friendly and attentive. The prices are a little high until you consider you are beachside and on an island in the Caribbean. The menu has many more items, so give it a try for more than a cheeseburger. They also serve dinner, which I’m sure is quite nice given the setting. It’s places like this that make Aruba a sure bet for travelers from all over the world.

Bon dia!