Matthew’s in Aruba

Matthew’s Restaurant, that is. This is a favorite of many visitors looking for a reasonably priced meal with a view of the sea. Matthew’s is located at the Casa del Mar timeshare with a beautiful vista of the Caribbean. It’s fun to eat here and watch the cruise ships pass by. Here’s a short video showing the restaurant and a lunch.

Rib night is another regular feature at Matthew’s. When you’re on the island, call and see exactly what’s on offer and stop by for a taste. Bon dia.

Aruba’s Flying Fishbone

The Flying Fishbone is a venerable restaurant to be found in Saventa, Aruba, DWI. More than that, it offers a romantic setting with tables on the beach and even in the Caribbean sea if that is your choice. Here you can watch the sunset while enjoying a fine dining experience. Having been here several times, I can say it’s worth it. Hence, I made a video showing the restaurant as well as how to drive there from the main highway. It’s easy. Take a look:

Keep the Flying Fishbone in mind for a special evening out or a fantastic gathering with family and friends. Don’t forget to check when the sunsets and arrive about half an hour earlier. Bring the camera!

Bon dia.

Old Man and the Sea (restaurant update)

The previous post took at look at The Old Man and The Sea Restaurant in Savaneta, Aruba. I took some more photos, including of the menu as requested. There was a wedding in progress, so I couldn’t get everything that I wanted out of respect for the happy couple. Anyway, here we go.

And the menu (click to enlarge)…

A view over the water…

And again…

And the last one for now…

┬áThe menu is a little short. However the chef informed me they would be adding specials and other dishes as they come up to full speed. As time permits, I’ll keep you informed of the progress.