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Pack rats unite! Open those drawers, closets, and basement doors and take a look at the random things that, for some reason, you decided to keep. Don’t ask me why, but I kept some Mexican money from a trip there back in the early 1990’s.


It would have been smarter to turn that currency into dollars and spend it wisely. Not sure, why, but I kept it, buried deep in a desk drawer. Plenty of other random treasures in there, too. I suppose this is how archaeologists feel when they make a remarkable discovery from a thousand years ago.

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Aruba’s Florin Explained

Some people contemplating a trip to Aruba asked me about the local currency. I explained that the florin is the name of the official money, but that US dollars are also widely accepted. In any given transaction, you might even see the two currencies mixed. Hence, a little video, explaining the exchange rate and showing the different notes and coins:

As you saw in the video, the exchange rate isn’t complicated. If you’re in the tourist area, you’ll mostly see US dollars. However, if you venture out to the local joints I mention on The Bent Page, you’re more likely to encounter the florin. Either way, with a fixed exchange rate, it’s pretty much the same, at least in terms of the ratio. Enjoy your visit whatever money you’re spending. Bon dia.

Something Else to Consider?

It occurs to me that no matter what anyone says, the government is a big part (if not the biggest part) of the problem with regards to the current economic situation. After all, the government decided to dabble in the mortgage market, came up with some rather insane idea, and implemented its strategy of the course of a couple of decades. Now, let’s not argue or even waste time considering the rights or wrongs of that. The point is, given that they put the taxpayer at risk playing this game, I wonder if the taxpayer shouldn’t step back and say, thanks but no thanks with regards to the government jumping in with both feet to try to “rescue” the situation. Really, they don’t know how deep the water is, or if there are sharks, or if it is water they’re jumping in to. (might be toxic waste they’re headed for)

Just something else to consider.

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