Aruba, OSB, Episode 2

Time for another episode of Aruba, The Other Side of the Bridge. In Episode 2, you’ll head to San Nicolaas for a look at The New Pueblito Paisa restaurant and the “lomito” platter. Then we’ll swing over to Charlie’s Bar for a few fascinating details. Here’s the video:

Those are two great joints to enjoy some good food, company, and drinks. Check them out next time you’re on the island. More videos on the way!

Charlie’s Bar, Aruba (food)

I’ve mentioned Charlie’s Bar several times here at The Bent Page. Also made a few videos. However, until today, I did not mention the food. So here we go! A look at the shrimp in the shell and the pasapalo, two favorites you’ll see in the clip below. Check it out:

Can’t go wrong with a meal like that. Delicious, different, and darn good. So when you head out to Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas for a few drinks, put a good foundation in first by trying out the food. Bon dia from Aruba, and don’t forget to get a bottle of that “honeymoon sauce.”

Driving to Charlie’s Bar, Aruba

Since 1994, I’ve been enjoying myself at Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas, Aruba. In fact, my novel, An Island Away, begins and ends there. It’s not a difficult place to find, but some people need a little help, so I made this video showing you how to get there. Just take the main highway, 1A, all the way south to San Nicolaas, where the video begins at the traffic circle on the west side of town.

There you have it: easy directions to follow. Charlie’s is a great place with lots of local characters coming and going. Stay a while, enjoy the shrimp, some drinks, and plenty of conversation. Bon dia.

Moonset Aruba, video

As the sun was rising over the southeast tip of Aruba, the moon was setting. My intention was to make a video of the sunrise, but haze put a stop to that. Over my shoulder, I noticed the moon and decided to try out some techniques. Here’s how it looked. (Be sure to play it in 720HD for best viewing.)

Not bad. This was an opportunity to test out the limits and functions of the new Canon XF100 video camera that I brought with me to the island. It’s working well, providing higher quality video for my work here. Stay tuned here at the Bent Page and my YouTube channel, lenswork4, for many more videos from Aruba. Bon dia.

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