Charlie’s Bar, Aruba (food)

I’ve mentioned Charlie’s Bar several times here at The Bent Page. Also made a few videos. However, until today, I did not mention the food. So here we go! A look at the shrimp in the shell and the pasapalo, two favorites you’ll see in the clip below. Check it out:

Can’t go wrong with a meal like that. Delicious, different, and darn good. So when you head out to Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas for a few drinks, put a good foundation in first by trying out the food. Bon dia from Aruba, and don’t forget to get a bottle of that “honeymoon sauce.”

White Modern Cuisine, Aruba, video visit

There have been several previous posts about White Modern Cuisine, perhaps the best restaurant here in Aruba. Now, we’re going to make a video visit, complete with shots of the kitchen staff in action. So, roll the video:

This is serious food, but with no pretension. You can relax, have a great drink, and truly enjoy the food. Next time you’re in Aruba, give this place a try. It’s well worth it.