View from Zeerover, Aruba

I’ve posted about Zeerover before, a great stop in Savaneta, Aruba for a cold drink and a great view. Here’s a quick video look again for those of you who might need another fix and/or some who have never been.

The app I purchased for making video with the iPhone 6 is proving a little challenging. However, I’ll keep working with it and post more results here at The Bent Page.

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Red Snapper, Aruba (2014)

I’ve posted about Zeerover in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI several times before. Well, here’s a first hand look at some poor red snapper going through the saw in preparation for a fresh meal.

If you like fish, it doesn’t get any fresher than that. Of course, at Zeerover, you’ll have one beautiful view of the Caribbean as well, including the tankers off shore. Stop by for some Aruba local flavor.

(un) Lucky Fish, Zeerover, Aruba

I stopped into Zeerover yesterday looking for some friends. In the well, I found some fish on the slab ready for the filet knife. Check them out:

Fish at Zeerover, Aruba, DWI

Fish at Zeerover, Aruba, DWI

In a matter of minutes, these fished were sliced into pieces. The crabs, pelicans, and one happy cat were feasting on the remnants. Of course, the crowd was thrilled, too. Doesn’t get any fresher than that. Enjoy your visit to Aruba, and check out places like this for a visit to the Caribbean as it always was, and still is.

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A place to recharge!

Here’s another photo from one of my favorite spots in Aruba, DWI. It’s on the dock at Zeerover, a little fisherman’s wharf. You can have a snack, a beverage, and take in the view. Have a look:

Dock at Zeerover, Aruba, DWI.

As we say, on this side of the bridge, it’s still the Caribbean. Enjoy respectfully.

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