Ballesteros de Calatrava, Spain

Driving through rural Spain can not be overestimated. I’ve been fortunate to make several trips through the countryside by car. Each of them took different paths, revealing parts of the country that are definitely not on the tourist agenda. One such place was a small town named Ballesteros de Calatrava. There is a castle there, perched high on a small mountain. Here’s a look.

This place is straight from the Templer Knight playbook on how to let people know you’re a serious feudal lord. It’s mostly ruins now, but well worth the stop. The drive up the hill takes about 10 minutes because the road is rough and narrow. When you get to the top, however, this is your view:

You can see why they built the castle up there. The commanding view of the surrounding valleys left no chance for any army passing by unnoticed. Of course, then the Templers would be on the march, heading out to break some skulls.

My wife and I stayed at a fantastic hotel in Ballesteros called the Palacio de la Serna. I highly recommend this hotel and its restaurant. Every room is different, every meal excellent. It is owned by an artist who uses some of the outbuildings as his workshops. Thus, you have the benefit of seeing his work, both finished and in progress. It may not be on the itinerary for your first or second visit to Spain. Nonetheless find the time to get there. You won’t be disappointed.

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