Why A Fountain Pen?

Today I was in one of my haunts, doing a bit of writing. Of course I was using a fountain pen. A lady happens by and asks me, “Is that really a fountain pen?” I said that it was. She then asked, “Why would you use one?” Well, in the first place I write upwards of 2500 words per day in one form or another. Do that day after day and the equipment used becomes very important. A fountain pen has much less “drag” across the paper. All this I explained and the lady says, “Why not just use a computer and type it in the first place?”

That last question is much deeper than the first. Everyone has their method of writing. For me, I typically write a story long hand first and then type it into a computer later. This serves two purposes: The first draft can be conducted anywhere, without electricity or a computer. When I type it, it instantly becomes a second draft as I edit on the fly while inputing the text.

But what about that archaic writing instrument, namely the fountain pen? Well, it’s simply cool, for lack of more elegant explanation. Fountain pens require a bit of care and respect. They become heirlooms. They can be messy, but mine have never let me down in that respect. They also take on the character of the writer in terms of the type of pen and ink utilized.

Does it make sense? Not really. It’s one of those quirks that makes us human. Beyond that, I offer no better explanation.

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