Giralda Tower, Sevilla, Spain

The Giralda Tower in Sevilla, Spain can not be missed. It’s a long hike up the ramps to the belfry and the view is worth the effort. The tower stands at the corner of the cathedral, another magnificent structure that has to be seen from within to be truly appreciated.

The tower itself has been changed many times over the intervening centuries. It started out as a minaret and evolved into the present structure thanks to plenty of meddling by various authorities. Nonetheless, it turned out quite beautiful. The bells up there hang in stately testament to the efforts of the Church.

The cathedral in Sevilla (photos of which are posted earlier in this blog) is worth several hours of your time. The details are amazing. Everything from the altar pieces to the stone carvings around the doors exhibit high baroque style as only could be done in Spain. The proceedings here during Semana Santa will take you back hundreds of years as well.

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