Spices in Granada

In Granada, Spain, you’ll find a wonderful spice market located alongside the cathedral. You’ll find an amazing assortment of spices, dried flowers, nuts, and tea. Here’s a general look.

I like those retractable awnings that they call pull over in the event the weather turns sour. Check out that selection, everything from cinnamon to saffron and more. Here’s a view of the teas and dried flowers.

Each of these is supposed to have medicinal properties. Of course the people selling them swear by the cures and I’m inclined to believe that there can be some benefit from such concoctions.

As for me, well, I’m into flavorful food. You’ll find some of the best food in the world in Granada, Spain. In fact, I found the tapas there to be better than the same offerings in Madrid. The selection was more diverse, more flavorful, and a better value. Then again, I never had a bad meal in all of Spain.

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