New Ideas for Housing

In the wake of natural disasters, urban sprawl, and neighborhood renewal, there are smart people coming up with new ideas for housing.  A recent exhibit in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, revealed some of these concepts including this tiny example, a 76 square food house.

The place is big enough for one. It features all the amenities of any normal house: bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area, dining area. There’s less space than you’re typical tugboat cabin; I can confirm that. But it is functional. Here are two more examples as seen from above.

The one in the foreground is very much like a shipping container. It can be combined with similar sized units to expand the living area. At the same time, it is economical to transport given it’s standard size. The one in the background was rather bizarre in that it featured a unique construction method using cut plywood shapes. It had an organic feel to it on the inside but nothing I’d want to live in. Then there was this cottage which also used die-cut plywood shapes to allow for easy assembly.

The way the shapes are assembled gives the walls tremendous strength. It’s also easy to transport as all the pieces can be cut at the factory, shipped flat, and put together on site with less skilled labor than a traditionally built home.

These type of exhibits get your mind going, which is why I try to take them in every time I’m in New York.

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