The Treats Truck, NYC

While in New York City yesterday, I happened upon The Treats Truck on 38th Street at 5th Avenue. Not one to pass up a meal, dessert, or other stomach filling substance, I checked it out.

As you can see from the photo above, I had to wait in line. This type of thing is what I like about New York. Right on the street, literally, you’ll find great food. In this case, it’s brownies and other sweets. Of course you’ll also encounter every type of food from a cart or truck that you can imagine. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer here:

Nice cookies! The hardest part is deciding which one you’d like. Buy a couple, maybe three. What could happen? With all the walking I do in NYC, I don’t worry about putting on the pounds. As you might imagine, I treated myself to an ice-cold Coca Cola after this, then went about my day.

Next time you’re in NYC, don’t be afraid to try the food from the “roach coaches.” You might be impressed.

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