Ruf and Tumbull

There are too many stray cats in Aruba. I wish I could do more for them, but there’s only so much that one can do. I’m trying to gather up some photos of the ones I see. Here are two that aren’t exactly strays, but they are outdoor cats and as you can see, one has got himself banged up a little. I’ve named them Ruf and Tumbull.

ruftumblI see these two most every day here in Savaneta. They lounge during the day then prowl all night. That’s how they get into trouble. These two characters look a little mean; wouldn’t mess with them as they’re probably a tag team in a brawl.

Be kind to animals, it will help you get into heaven.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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  1. They do look like a rough pair, don’t they? Lucky they have each other. What a snuggly pair when they’re not being naughty!

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