Rudy’s Corner, Aruba

Rudy’s Corner is a local joint in San Nicolaas, Aruba. If you’re on your way to Baby Beach, this place is easy to find. As you enter San Nicolaas, you come to a traffic circle, take the second road off of this circle and keep going straight. After the big sports park on your left, you’ll see an empty lot and then Rudy’s Corner. Here’s a shot of the exterior:

There are plenty of tables under the shade of the porch as you can see in the next photo:

Lots of foliage there and a nice breeze to keep you cool. Take a look at the menu below:

Regular readers of my blog will recognize many of those Colombian dishes. Don’t forget, those prices are in Aruban florins (1.75 flns. to the US $). You’ll also find the Sunday BBQ done here as well. So, when you’re passing through San Nicolaas you may want to stop here for a snack or a drink or both. The prices are reasonable, the people friendly, and the food filling. More than that, you can’t expect.

Bon dia.

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