Classic Diner (January 2014)

The Classic Diner in Malvern, PA, USA, is a favorite stop of mine. Breakfast and lunch here is a delicious feast at a reasonable price with great service. Make sure you are HUNGRY before you get here because the portions are large. I might also add, they use the best ingredients. So let’s start healthy, with a spinach salad that you see here:

Classic Diner (Malvern, PA) spinach salad.

Classic Diner (Malvern, PA) spinach salad.

That’s a beautiful salad, no doubt about it. And dig the lox on the side with capers, eh? Nice. For those who really need to fill up, try the cheeseburger with a side of onion rings that you see next:

Cheeseburger with a side of onion rings at the Classic Diner, Malvern, PA, USA.

Cheeseburger with a side of onion rings at the Classic Diner, Malvern, PA, USA.

That, my friends, is one good burger. The onion ringsā€¦ crispy and sweet, the way you like them. Again, service is exceptional here and prices are reasonable. Be advised, the place gets BUSY, so go slightly off peak breakfast and lunch times. Enjoy every meal.

Local Red Sauce Joint, w/photos

Everyone has their local joint for various types of food. In the past several years (think difficult economy) some of my regular places closed. Thankfully, a new one opened, called Amici, that serves up some Italian standards that are quite tasty. Popped in there for the third time in three months and was well pleased. First off, you have to eat your greens. Take a look at this salad:

Amici salad.

Very fresh that salad was, with all the things I like under a tangy dressing. A great way to start the meal. Moved on to the old linguine with meat balls in an arrabiata sauce.

Amici linguine with meatballs in arrabiata sauce.

The sauce had some kick to it, much better than your standard marinara or other options. Plus, they don’t skimp on the meatballs. Plenty to eat here, but not excessive. As an alternative, there is also the eggplant which is served as an appetizer. However, as you can see in the next photo, is about big enough for an entree, especially if you started out with another appetizer.

Amici eggplant.

Service here is very good, including from the well-stocked bar. If you’re near the Morton Train Station in Morton, PA (Delaware County), you’ll enjoy a good meal at Amici, paying a price that is reasonable. Soon, I’ll be lingering at the bar for people watching and other forms of entertainment.

Daystar Breakfast, Aruba

I posted about the Daystar Cafe in Savaneta, Aruba, before. Here’s an update. It was breakfast time, perhaps my most favorite of the three meals, and I was already on the run from the early morning hours, so I decided to stop in for an omelet. Take a look.

One loaded omelete, eh? Toast and sausage to boot. Not shown a bowl of fried potatoes, you know, to keep the cholesterol up there. You’ll enjoy the good service at the Daystar as much as the food. The place is located behind the General Store in Savaneta, on the main highway. If you’re on the way to Baby Beach or roaming about the island, this is a great place for breakfast or lunch or to get some wraps, sandwiches, or a fruit bowl to go. Ice-cold Coca-Cola as well.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Take Your Pick…

… of the best burgers in the USA, bar none!. This is no exaggeration, because I’ve tried burgers all over the country and the world. The Classic Diner in Malvern, PA, serves them up exactly as ordered and here’s the photo to prove it.

The one in the lower left is topped with pepper jack cheese and fried onions. The one in the upper center is cheddar and sauteed mushrooms. Dig those onion rings, too! Man oh man, what meal! The flavor is akin to a delmonico steak brought back to life in the form of the burger. Never greasy, always juicy, you can count on the Classic Diner to deliver when your burger jones just has to be satisfied, which for me is about once every six weeks or so. I can’t hold out any longer than that. Add an ice-cold Coca-Cola and your set for the rest of the day, or a good nap.