Loving Frequent Flier Miles

Once again, I’m loving frequent flier miles. The flights on this trip were paid for using my American Airlines frequent flier mile program and about $100 in cash. Not a bad deal for two business class tickets to from the US to Madrid, Spain.

Furthermore, I’d like to say a big “thank you” to all the friendly and helpful people at American Airlines. The cabin staff was fantastic on all flights. Of course, the pilots are professionals of the highest order, making nice landings, avoiding turbulence whenever possible, and personable to boot. Then, I enjoyed the Admirals Club in Miami with all its amenities.

Again, all this cost me $100 plus the miles, which were earned at no interest by using a credit card (carrying no balance) and the other flights I took on American. I’d call that a handsome reward for a bit of loyalty.

Of course it’s going to take me quite a while to accumulate another batch of miles for a trip like this. It’ll be worth it. (Starting tomorrow, I’ll have photos, videos, and zany blog commentary about this sojurn to Spain. All you’ve come to expect from The Bent Page, and more!)

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