Restaurante Botín, Madrid

Just outside the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, on the west side, you’ll find Restaurante Botín. This place was founded in 1725 and has the honor or being the world’s oldest restaurant, at least according to the Guinness Book of World Records. While this place does a fair amount of business in the tourist trade, there are plenty of local Spaniards at the table. Furthermore, the food is very good. During my visit, I enjoyed a great lunch that began with a nice salad and a bottle of house white wine, which turned out to be a tasty verdejo. Then we moved on to a roast chicken, which was truly slow roasted to delicious perfection. No kidding it was about the best one I’ve had, and I’ve had them all over the world. Here’s a photo to prove it.

Dipping those little potatoes into the juices was an added treat. Then there was dessert, an apple tart and a slice of chocolate cake as seen below.

Okay, that apple tart was also the real deal and deserves a solo shot in the name of food eye-candy. So here it is:

On top of the great food and service, may I mention the classy blue china? The simple pattern and name follows the understated comfort of this restaurant. By the way, we sat on the upper floor, waited on by multi-lingual staff, and surrounded by interesting memorabilia including a letter of thanks from Nancy Reagan. On the way out, we happened upon one of those famous roast pigs, fresh out of the oven and just arrived table-side. Again, the photo proof:

Poor piggy, but darn good eating! That guy shared the meal with his whole family. If you’re in Madrid, I would put Restaurante Botín on your places for a fine lunch. You won’t be disappointed. At least I wasn’t.