Iberico Sampler

If you have a hankering for cured meats Ibérico style, Madrid (and Spain in general) offers you plenty of options for complete satisfaction. I stopped into the Museo del Jamón in Madrid one  afternoon because, well, it’s hard to stay away from quality cured meats in a place where they take it to the highest levels. Not only the meats, but also the cheese and wine call out to you. Why resist? And here it is…

On the lower-center portion of the plate you’ll notice the jamón Ibérico thinly sliced with the fat around the edge. Around the upper part of the plate is the chorizo. In the center and to the left is another salami-style concoction, the name of which slips my mind just now. Then there is the manchego cheese wedged in. Of course, a hunk of bread comes in handy, as does the glass of sangria in the lower left corner of the frame. Delicious one and all.

A word about the Museo del Jamón in Madrid. It can be a crowded, boisterous place. That said, it also offers some top-notch delicacies which can be had quickly and fairly reasonably. Don’t be put off by the three-deep crowds at the counter. Work your way in, order, and enjoy!

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