La Mallorquina, Madrid

Near the western edge of Madrid’s Plaza del Sol, you’ll find a fantastic pastry shop known as La Mallorquina. I first sampled the delicious pastries here in 2003. Every time I’m in Madrid, I stop in for a few to fortify me for those long walks through the city. Here’s a photo of the shop.

A typical shop you might find in Madrid. Let’s take a look at the pastries, that’s the important part. Here’s a start.

Now there’s a few treats. And here are a few more.

To think, these are just a sampling of the many, many treats to be found inside. Like the old days, the staff wears white smocks and hats, a touch I find quaint and nostalgic and classy all at once. Most important, there’s a pastry for everyone, and all of them are very good. Never pass up dessert!

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